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21 Montauk (2022) Humming sound

Guest Contributor

I recently purchased a 2022, Montauk 21 foot with 200 hp. The boat produces a humming sound around 3200 rpms (the dealer Whalertowne  refers to the sound as "harmonics" and has been very attentive to the issue). I have been told that the Mercury engine is not the problem and that this has been reported on other  Whalers with live wells. The boat is now in winter storage and Whaler has approved of replacing of the 3 blade propeller with a 4 blade propeller. Therefore, I assume there is an issue with the hull design and placement of the live well fittings. Ill be placing the boat back into the Chesapeake bay in 4 week to see if changing the propeller eliminated the humming sound.

Has anyone else experienced this defect?? and hopefully the remedy???




Guest Contributor

2019 210 Montauk w 200 HP Mercury:  I have no harmonics or other peculiar repetitive sounds based on RPMs on my boat.