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350 OR Cockpit Table

Guest Contributor

I am interested in adding the cockpit table to my 2015 350 OR.

Has anyone done this after delivery?  I am wondering how extensive the modifications to the existing mechanical hatch is.  I know the floor mounts will need to be installed but what about the storage brackets etc.

I'm almost wondering if it isn't better to just replace the entire hatch.

Anyone with experience please advise.

I'm also considering adding something similar to what you might see on a sportfish with rod holders etc.  That would just be permanent that might also serve as a table.  Would likely need to be height adjustable.




Guest Contributor

Knowing how my Conquest is configured and being familiar with the ORs I wouldn't think it would be too difficult to install a flush-mount allowing you to insert socket leg with table and or rod holder/cutting table/lure holder station.  Similar to many configurations you see on youtube videos and other postings throughout the internet.  However, if you're going for something that's height adjustable that's likely  going to be a permenantly mounted post and table/station vice just a socket to insert the table leg.  Im not sure I would do that.

Unless your OR has the mechanical access hatch thats pre-molded for the "point of use" table storage that's on the Conquest; not sure how to rememdy your storage situation.