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Water separator fuel filter

Good evening all,I have a 2017 Sea Ray SPX210 and am looking for some information where to find the water separator fuel filter on it. Thank you in advance for the helpVictor

Removing Sunroof on 2018 350 Coupe

The sunroof on my Sundancer 350 Coupe now fails to retract. When I activate the switch to retract, it starts to move and then stops as if it is stuck on something. I tried activating the switch while I push on the sunroof, but no dice.My next attempt...

Chris_H by Guest Contributor
  • 0 replies

Safe to drill into same decking area as engine mounts?

Hi!  I am planning to put a secondary (emergency) bilge pump into my 2007 240 SD and am looking at securing a couple brackets into the fiberglass decking that the engine mounts are secured into.  This is one level *lower* than the decking where the b...

Kevin7 by Guest Contributor
  • 1 replies

Aft seat on 2018 SLX 230

Hey everyone. I am having some difficulty with the aft bench seat and hoping you guys can help me out with either fixing or where to purchase a whole new one. The adjustable flip up back of it got stuck in the up position and now will not go back dow...

TimUSMC by Guest Contributor
  • 6 replies

2012 SLX 250 - Windlass Installation

Hello all. I recently purchased a 250SLX and would like to install a Windlass. I purchased an Articulated Bow Roller, similar to those used on factory installed Windlass for this boat. I have a couple of questions about mounting the Bow Roller.1. The...

2011 270 SLX stereo routing

Hello all, first time poster here. I just picked up my new to me 2011 270 SLX, and I'm looking to swap out all of the stereo components. So far I've done the head unit upgrade to a Fusion RA-770, but I'm looking for advice on how to route a new helm ...

xman03 by Guest Contributor
  • 0 replies

Resolved! 2022 SPX 190 Snaps

I recently acquired the center cushion and supports for the front of the boat. The cushion snaps to the supports, but the supports didn't come with the screw-in snaps. Does anyone know what size snaps are used?

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