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This is how Mercury Racing puts power to the water. Two recent test sessions with high-performance bass boats powered by the Mercury Racing 300R outboard demonstrate the performance potential of the new Mercury Racing 300HP 5-Blade CNC Cleaver propeller.

Working with Fastbass Marine LLC, of Grand Rivers, Kentucky., Mercury Racing engineers tested the two-seat Allison Pro Sport powered by the 300R outboard rigged with a 15 x 32/15-degree 300HP CNC Cleaver prop and posted a top speed of 108 mph at the 6400 RPM. That’s a new speed record for this 21-foot 2-inch, 1,300 boat model, according to Fastbass Marine.

“They were on the rev limiter and testing in 95-degree heat and warm water,” said Mercury Racing propeller specialist Nick Petersen. “With a taller-pitch prop and cooler weather Mercury Racing feels this will be a 110-mph package. This same boat model would run 100 mph with a 300XS, so this is a great demonstration of both the power of the new Mercury Racing 300R outboard and the technology of the 300HP CNC Cleaver prop.”

The same Mercury Racing 300R/300HP package was also run on a slightly heavier Allison Bassport with dual consoles and a 36V trolling motor on the bow. This test posted a top speed of 102 mph. Both Allison boats were tested with a full fuel tank and a tournament load of gear.

Mercury Racing next met with Ballistic Boats of Fruitland, Idaho, an up-and-coming builder of performance bass boats. A tournament-loaded 22-foot 3-inch Ballistic .223 model weighing about 1,600 pounds and powered by a Mercury Racing 300R outboard posted a best top speed of 98 mph running a 15 x 31/15-degree 300HP prop – great performance but Mercury engineers feel it could be even better with some fine tuning of the setup.

The naturally aspirated, 4.6L V-8 Mercury Racing 300R FourStroke outboard delivers up to 40 percent more bottom-end torque than the two-stroke Mercury Racing 300XS it replaces, all at a weight comparable to the 300XS and on 87-octane fuel. The Mercury Racing 300HP 5-Blade CNC Cleaver propeller was created to maximize the performance of the Mercury Racing 300R with the Sport Master gearcase. Its proprietary blade profile delivers stronger acceleration and more top-end speed than the Mercury Racing 400HP CNC Cleaver prop when run on the Mercury Racing 300R outboard.

“Following each of these tests, drivers noted the great handling provided by the 300HP CNC Cleaver prop, and its confident stability at top end on these single-engine, pad-hull bass boats,” said Petersen. “The CNC machining process used to create these high-performance propellers insures that pitch, diameter, and rake are perfectly true, and that lift, handling, and speed characteristics are absolutely consistent.”

Each Mercury Racing 300HP Cleaver propeller is custom made to order, with thousands of pitch, rake and diameter combinations are available to dial in the maximum performance of almost any boat. All Mercury Racing propellers carry a one year warranty that covers the propeller in its entirety and any damage done to other parts if a failure does occur. For more info, call Mercury Racing sales at 920-924-5330 or to order have your local Mercury dealer contact Mercury Racing Propellers.

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