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Team Racing

dcb and cnc.jpgPhoto Credit: DCB Performance Boats

When it comes to building custom high-performance catamarans, California-based builder DCB has become known for its top tier quality and for squeezing every drop of performance out of its new boats – all while offering customers a multitude of customization on every hull model it produces. With changes available in choice of Mercury Racing power, seating layout, and other onboard equipment for starters, the need for custom, yet reliable and consistent, propellers has become increasingly important for DCB. And the expanding line of Mercury Racing CNC Cleavers is the ultimate match for DCB’s approach to building boats.

“We are only building 15 boats a year and every example is absolutely custom,” explains DCB vice president of sales Tony Chiaramonte. “Which also means that every example of each model is just a little different, from power to options like audio, seating and deck. The precision of Mercury Racing CNC props allows us to dial in the perfect combination of pitch, diameter and rake for each application.”

The state-of-the-art CNC machining process offers unparalleled benefits compared to standard cast propellers. Pitch, diameter, and rake are perfectly true on every Mercury Racing CNC propeller to ensure that lift, handling, and speed characteristics are consistent. Thousands of pitch, rake and diameter combinations are available to dial in the maximum performance of almost any boat. Each CNC Cleaver propeller is custom made to order. Dedicated part numbers are available with diameter range from 14.63 to 15.25, pitch range from 26 to 40, either 15- or 18-degree rake, and proprietary 300, 400, or 500hp thickness curves depending on outboard engine application. Other custom pitches and diameters, round tip variants, as well as the full lineup of Sterndrive CNC Cleavers are also available.

“We list them as an option for many of our models but most of our customers expect every element of a DCB boat to be optimized,” said Chiaramonte, “and the best way to do that is with a set of these [CNC] propellers.”

RL_3875_DCB.jpgPhoto Credit: Speedboat Magazine

DCB is noted for its extensive testing of each new boat and often passes on a huge file of performance and set-up data to Mercury Racing. That information can be used to fine-tune a set of CNC Cleaver props. The CNC manufacturing process allows Mercury Racing to make very small changes to a prop spec and then save that information so that subsequent props are a perfect match. This ensures that each prop on a multi-engine boat is a perfect match and, if a replacement prop is ever needed, the boat owner can count on the new prop matching the original.

“Many of our owners have two sets of CNC Cleaver props,” said Chiaramonte. “For example, a 36-pitch set for cooler weather or a light load and maximum speed, and a 34-pitch set for those 110-degree days and a full crew of passengers. That’s an indication of how demanding our customers can be.”

Performance Propeller Manager Nick Petersen added, “DCB’s attention to detail when setting up a boat and testing propellers has led to a ton of knowledge for DCB and for Mercury Racing as it relates to building these propellers. We have been stretching the possibilities and trying new designs such as round tipped cleavers, different blade area configurations, and tweaking rake and diameter for every build.”

All Mercury Racing propellers carry a one-year warranty that covers the propeller in its entirety and any damage done to other parts if a failure does occur. All CNC Cleaver props are shipped in a molded plastic Mercury Racing CNC case. For more info, call Mercury Racing at 920-924-5330 or contact your local Mercury dealer contact Mercury Racing Propellers.