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Team Whaler
Team Whaler

1. What Boston Whaler model(s) do you own or previously have owned and where do you do your boating?

11 Sport, 1986. 

IMG_6257 - Stanley Sicinski.jpeg

2. What drew you to the Whaler brand?

The classic look and unique features/fixtures inspired my restoration. 

IMG_6271 - Stanley Sicinski.jpeg

3. What’s your preferred/favorite way to use your Whaler?

With my fiancé Sydney.

IMG_6272 - Stanley Sicinski.jpeg

3. What’s your favorite memory on your Whaler?

The Maiden Voyage!

IMG_6268 - Stanley Sicinski.jpeg

4. Any additional notes/tidbits? Please share!

The Maiden Voyage made 18 months of feuding, sanding, designing and painting all worth it. Good things come in small packages! We have our eyes on larger hulls as our family grows!

IMG_6266 - Stanley Sicinski.jpeg