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Water in aft bilge

Guest Contributor

I have a 2017 280 Outrage which I bought new. I continue to have an unexpected amount of water draining into bilge area. Can anyone enlighten me on all possible sources? I initally though it must be washdown water getting past the bilge compartment seal. That may be a partial source but the water seems to drain from the front of the vessel after washdown is completed and I have removed water from the bilge area.


Guest Contributor

It’d be helpful to know if the water is salt or fresh. My guess would be that it’s freshwater leaking past the mechanical access hatch gasket. This can be resolved by either tightening the hatch draw latches and/or replacing the gasket on the bottom of the hatch. 

I am a Boston Whaler employee

Guest Contributor

I operate the vessel exclusively on the ICW, brackish rivers and offshore near Jupiter, FL.

I recently had a technician suggest that as a possibility. I checked both access ports in front of the outboard mounts and the o-ring gaskets appear to be good. Perhaps I will change anyway to see if that resolves the problem.  If there are other suggestions, please advise.