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auxiliary engine - revenge 21 - central main engine

Guest Contributor

Ciao everyone!

I would like to install an auxiliary engine to support the old main engine on my Boston Whaler revenge 21.

My grandpa gave me the original bracket, but I'm wondering where to install it and which kind of engine should I use, like "stem" length, max power.. is there anyone who knows that?CA82BCB3-FE4A-4C99-957A-B0D1148C5BB4_1_105_c.JPEGb8140647-1957-49d9-a751-937b1b41ccd6 2.JPGPHOTO-2022-03-27-17-51-36.jpg

Thank you very much guys!


Guest Contributor

Auxillary engine also known as trolling motor is very common in US Pacific Northwest trolling for Salmon.  You'll want to mount it where the boarding ladder is located on the starboard side in your case.  Not sure that bracket will work for your boat.  They make brackets for these small motors.  Panther is one mfg.

Size, the 9.9 from Mercury or Yamaha is popular size.  Here's a pic of my boat with the 9.9 and bracket.  I had a custom bracket made, no moving parts.   It was not expensive if you have a local shop that can fabricate it to fit the transom step on the starboard side.


Guest Contributor

Also this link posted by BW.

Now clean that boat up, get bottom painted or you're out of the club.