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Trolling Motors!


We get a LOT of questions about trolling motors-the options are seemingly endless but, did you know that we have the answers to the basics that most people ask? Here's a few snips to save you some clicks but check out the page here for more useful info:

"Most trolling motor manufacturers recommend that the center of the motor be at least 9 inches under the surface of the water.

For a general idea of the needed shaft length, measure from the top of the bow to the waterline, as typically loaded.  With a measurement of up to 16 inches, the shaft length should be a minimum of 36 inches; from 17 to 22 inches, a minimum of 42-inches of shaft length is needed; from 23 to 28 inches, the shaft length should be 48 to 52 inches; and from 29 to 34 inches, the shaft length should be 54-62 inches.  If you fish in rough waters, add 5 inches, and if your boat is hand-steered, you should add another 12 inches to get the handle in a useable position."

"For thrust, as a rule, you should always go with the highest thrust motor that your budget will allow.  That way, you will have plenty of reserve power when the wind and currents get stronger.

Boat Length   
11-13 feet 
14-15 feet 
16-17 feet 
18 feet 
19 feet 
20-21 feet 
22 feet  
Minimum Thrust
30 lbs. 
36 lbs. 
50 lbs. 
55 lbs. 
65 lbs. 
74 lbs. 
101 lbs. 

If you typically fish with heavier loads or in rough waters, you may want to choose the next higher thrust motor."

I am a Boston Whaler employee

Guest Contributor

Just bought my first boat, 2006 Dauntless 180, and wondering if all 180s have the phenolic in the bow to attach a trolling motor...please advise