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190 Montauk Motor Size for Repowering

Guest Contributor

I have a 2007 Montauk 190 with a Merc 115hp motor that is shot. I want to repower with a Merc 150hp - but the rating sticker says 115hp is the max. But the very next year in 2008, Whaler was putting Merc 135s on the 190 Montauk. And in 2010, they started using the Merc 150 Verados - both upgrades without any changes to the boat, hull, weight, draft, etc. Can I safely install and Merc 150hp on this boat?


Rising Contributor

Hi Capt,

the boat is rated for 115 hp based upon national marine manufacturers association, specs

be careful, because when you overpower you may be subject to fines by your local natural resources, police, and maybe even the Coast Guard for negligent operation. 
The newer wailers were built to handle more horsepower  

Just my two cents but I hope it helps

Capt. Brett M. Sause
USCG Master Licensed Captain