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Montauk 190 engine & prop

Guest Contributor

My 190 is currently powered by a Mercury 115hp 4-stroke engine.  Though the 115 is adequate, it takes a long time to get up on plane, especially with 4-6 people on board. I’m considering re-powering with increased hp.  
Q: bIs 150hp the max recommended for my 2008 boat?  

Also, I have a 15” aluminum 3-blade prop, which seems to be the standard original equipment.  Seeking more ‘punch’ to get on plane, I’ve tried a 13” aluminum 3-blade prop, with minimal improvement.                               Q:  Would a 13” SS 4-blade prop give me a noticeable increase in the ‘hole shot’?

I re-powered my 1986 17’ Montauk from a 90bp 2-stroke to a 115hp Yamaha 4-stroke & that change made her a total screamer…





Rising Contributor

Hi Capt, 

I would highly recommend that you max out the power.  I have always been a fan of putting on the boat what it is rated for.  This way you can get max performance. 

You are most likely getting a little flex in the aluminum prop. I would go with a stainless wheel.  Check the specs on the Merc website.  

Capt. Brett M. Sause
USCG Master Licensed Captain