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My Whaler App

Guest Contributor

Probably not the right forums for this topic but I’m at wits end trying to figure this out.  Try as I might I cannot get the “My Whaler App” recognize any up to date information for my ‘17 Conquest 345.  The App locks in the geo fencing fine and when underway shows that the boat is moving.  However, the location in the welcome screen shows the boat at home 600 miles away where I originally purchased the boat from the previous owner going on two years ago.  The “Boat Status” shows all the battery bilge pump, and engine data; again from the date of purchase two years ago with no updating regardless of the boats powered-up or running condition. I’ve deleted and reloaded the the app numerous times from my devices and still no luck.  Any ideas?


Team Whaler
Team Whaler

Hi, @Bdoran thank you for reaching out. We're sorry to hear you are having this issue. We will share this with our team internally and have someone reach out to you directly to help solve this issue.

Thanks Much!

Team whaler, same issue. Please advise. 

Hi @Willdrescher our customer support team is happy to assist. The fastest way to connect with their team is via our customer support form found here:

Guest Contributor

 Very frustrating, I deleted the app

Guest Contributor

Its been a month and no movement on attempting to fix the issue with the mywhaler app.  It shows me as the owner but still shows the boat being located at the previous owner's pier 500 miles away.  Nothing I do allows for the app to update its location, bilge, battery, or engine(s) stats.  All the Nautic-On devices on the boat appear to be operating correctly and contacting Nautic-On or attempting to use thier app all revert to "go to"

Thanks to others who have posted that showed that I'm not alone in this issue with the App.

Hi @Bdoran - I confirmed with our customer support team that they sent you a direct email. Please let us know if you still have not received support. Thank you.

Thank you.  I did receive a reply from the CST which recommended taking the boat to my BW dealer to ensure the hub is connected.  Since my closest BW is a 2+ hour run from my location I opted to research this a bit more.  I have a reply out to the CST to ask first -- is a subscription ($$) required?  The Nautic-On site (which refers you BW owners to the MyWhaler app) appears to indicate thier system requires a subscription.  Checking this out first to before I set up at my BW Dealer, get all the way over there, and then have them tell me "oh you have to signup and pay for a subscription!"  Thanks for the assist and will pass on any information I find out.  The information available for "new-to-me" BW whaler owners whose previous owners may not have kept the system active is severly lacking.