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Florida Keys Boating w/ FBC

As members of Freedom Boat Club, we often get to travel and explore new places without having to tow or rent a boat. One of our favorite places is Islamorada, about an hour south of Miami. There is a Freedom Boat Club located just before the Snake Cr...

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Boating Etiquette, Part 2

Additional etiquette tips and reminders so you know what to do in common boating situations to ensure you're a courteous boater to those around you.

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Ripl by Team Ripl
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Pontoon Boat Bow Riding?

This past weekend, we enjoyed another sunny Saturday in Chicago's "Play Pen," just north of the iconic Navy Pier. On such a nice day, hundreds of boats will anchor and raft-off of each other and people swim from boat to boat, or layout on the rafts b...


Stuck on the Chicago River? Not so much.

I am a USCG licensed Master Captain, and I have traveled the United States visiting different Freedom Boat Club locations. My home club is Holland, Michigan. My guests Al, Emily, Dani, and I met up at the Freedom Boat Club (FBC) in Hammond, Indiana, ...

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Scalloping in Homosassa

Our favorite thing to do with the boat is to go scalloping in the gulf from Homosassa. Scalloping is just the great fun excuse to use the boat in fresh water, swim in the gulf, swim with manatees, dolphins, evening cruises with access to excellent re...

JeffKing by Guest Contributor
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Who grills on their boat?

We are looking into getting a propane boat gill for our Sea Ray bowrider. Is this a good proposition or would it be in the way more than it is used? We were looking at the ones that attach to a rod holder, but of course we would need to add a rod hol...

JeffKing by Guest Contributor
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Night Boating with Bioluminescence

One of my favorite boating trips every summer is night time boating in the bioluminescence! With every movement the water glows neon blue & is truly awe-inspiring. This photo was take in the Banana River in central Florida. I do not have underwater l...

CarrieF by Guest Contributor
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Boating in San Diego Area w/ the US Navy

In March of 2021, my friend and I flew out to San Diego to use the Freedom Boat Club out there. We were inspired because FBC had a Wednesday night YouTube special about this club, and everything there is to do in Southern California. We flew into San...

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Resolved! Midwest Fishing Spots for Kids

I want my kids to love fishing, but we RARELY can catch anything. Are there any good lakes close to the Chicagoland area that are great for kids and the fish are biting? We're willing to travel too, but nothing longer than 5 hours from North Chicago...

What's the best life jacket for a 1 year old?

My youngest is about to turn 1 and wanted to buy her a life jacket that's comfortable, safe and USCG approved. I don't love those bulky infant ones and they seem uncomfortable. Any recommendations? I also have an 8 year old and 7 year old, but they u...

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