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Bilge plug?

Guest Contributor

I have just bought a 1995 Dauntless 15. Preparing to put it in the water for the first time. I cannot find a bilge plug. It has 2 deck scuppers with rubber flapper valves on the outer transom area, and 2 drains from the engine tub area. None look like they are made to accept a plug. I have never had a boat that didn't have a bilge plug.

  I have not yet talked to anyone with the same boat, some people tell me that there is no plug, it's self bailing just take it up on plane and it will drain, others tell me there has to be a plug. If there is, I sure haven't found it yet. 

  My best plan right now is to launch it, keep the trailer close by, and see what happens. Any suggestions?

   Thank you.


Guest Contributor

There should be a drain in the small sump where the rigging tube exits the deck.