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Stranded at Sea - Steering Failure 2019 BW 345 Conquest

Guest Contributor

I recently bought a 2019 Boston Whaler 345 Conquest … I am the second owner of the boat. It has 380 hours on it total. Over 2/3 of those hours are light use under 3000 rpm.

The boat is a total disaster… the workman ship on the vessel is just atrocious. The TVMs were mounted on the transom, yes the transom where the underwater lights are. They were getting soaked in the bilge. Not what I would expect from Boston Whaler.

My steering failed in the middle of a 400 mile journey from Belize to Cayman… 200 miles offshore after being stranded at sea for close to 20 hours the Cayman Islands coast guard found the boat and towed it back to Cayman at a great expense.

The dealer there recommended that we change the steering pumps to the Gen C models. We did that and the steering is still not working. It’s throwing code after code after code on the vessel view. The Mercury dealer came and downloaded all of the error codes and sent them off to the Mercury dealer days ago we still have no word what the issue is.

I am completed fed up, Boston Whaler and Mercury need to make this right…. The boat was on the way to its home port in Jamaica and has now been stuck in Cayman Islands at a huge inconvenience/expense to me.

I have since realized I am not the only owner facing these steering issues. What are they doing about it?? I bought this boat because of the reliability and safety Boston Whaler is known for… days later I nearly lost life at sea on it.

I am getting the TVM not active and Critical Steering failure codes along with Actuator codes. Any recommendations, resources or points of contact for help would be greatly appreciated... Help please.


Rising Contributor

I would keep calling whaler!, and also Brunswick directly.

Capt. Brett M. Sause
USCG Master Licensed Captain

Team Whaler
Team Whaler

Hi @Benjamin1 we are so sorry to hear you are having an issue with your 2019 Whaler. We will share this feedback with the customer service team working on your case and make sure they will follow up with you quickly.

Guest Contributor

I have a 2019 330 outrage. I’ve been going through the same problem. My boat has been down since July it’s a joke. Waiting for actuators. They keep pushing the date further back. I’ve been stranded out in the middle of no where. It’s a safety issue. If you go on the hull truth there are threads on it.

Guest Contributor

My 2020 BW Realm 350 has the same actuator problem...and layed up because of production and back order issues. Brunswick/Boston Whaler's and Mercury's failure to address this issue over many years is disgraceful. I agree with overall poor workmanship and quality issues.