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It’s a beautiful summer day. The sun is shining, the temperature is comfortably warm, yet not too hot, the salty breeze is blowing, and the waves are tame. The cold beverages are stocked, delicious snacks are on deck, and great company surrounds you.

Few things can rival a day on the water. But you know what would make this scene just a little bit better? Your loveable pup!

To all our boat-loving, dog-owning people out there, we’re here to tell you, you can have both. That’s right – no more stressing about leaving the dog at home all day, planning feeding schedules and potty breaks. With the right preparation and tips for success, you can keep both your pup and captain happy.

Our Tips for Nautical Dogs:


Yeah, yeah. I know you know your pup better than anyone. But are they cut out for boating? Do they enjoy the water, or are they fearful of it? Are they well-trained and well behaved? How do they react outside of the house? These are important questions to consider before you jump right into a day on the water. It’s possible your dog might not love it, but it’s also possible that they’ll love it as much as you.


Just like your human passengers, your dog may want a few things for added comfort. Dog food if meals will be missed, snacks and treats (because we all need those), a cushion or towels for comfortable seating, water to stay hydrated, as well as pads and cleaning supplies for potty break preparedness.


Don’t forget a lifejacket – they’d need it in an emergency, too! And speaking of emergencies, always make sure you’re prepared for one. In the event of an overboard pup, be sure to first stay calm, cut the motor, locate your dog, and lift them to safety. 


Your dog may need a little sun break, just as much as the rest of us. Be sure to have proper sun protection, such as shaded areas of refuge for your dog to lay in when the sun gets a little too strong. I know they look so cute with their tongue hanging out – but they’re scorching.


Go easy on ‘em. Just like bringing young kids on board for the first time, they’re new to this. So, make sure they remain in the comfort zone by taking baby steps. Perhaps, start with a short cruise around the bay, or across the lake, before you skip right to an all-day, offshore fishing excursion.


Just like when you’re at home, your dog thrives off your love and attention. Make sure to give some ear scratches and belly rubs in between casting a line or taking the tube for a spin. Trust us, they’ll appreciate it!

We all need to get out of the house sometimes, get some fresh air and be in touch with nature. More quality time, exciting activity, and time outdoors are just a few of many benefits to bringing your dog onboard. All in all, with these tips you’ll have the entire family boating-obsessed in no time. They are your dog after all!

Do you bring your dog on board? Share your adorable doggy boating photos with us over on the BWOC.  We can’t get enough!