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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Cabin Cruiser

A cabin cruiser is the ultimate boat for a variety of adventures on the water.

As boaters gain experience, they tend to try new things, and one of the best types of boats to handle a wide variety of missions is a well-designed cabin cruiser. So, what is a cabin cruiser? In its simplest form, it's a boat with sleeping quarters for its owners. This category contains many different variations. Even larger center console models like the Boston Whaler 420 Outrage have roomy cabins and deck layouts that are optimized for fishing with ample walkaround room around the console, allowing anglers to fight a fish circling the boat. Larger cabin cruisers can sleep four or more comfortably and have many features that make them self-sufficient enough for a week or more on the water. In the past, most have had diesel or sterndrive power, but thanks to the increase in reliable outboard power up to Mercury's 600-HP V12, even large cruisers now commonly use them and achieve a new level of performance. 


  1. Cabin Cruisers are the Swiss Army Knives of Boats

What are the main advantages of cabin cruisers? Well-designed models can be used for fishing, entertaining, sleeping aboard, and even for performing watersports. Look for boats with features that are well thought out and haven't just been added to check off a box. The most versatile cabin cruisers, like the new-for-2024 Boston Whaler 365 Conquest, have three distinct zones. The fishing cockpit, which does double duty when entertaining, should be roomy, open, and have plenty of rod holders and livewells. The middle section of most cabin cruisers usually has hard-top roofs and versatile seating arrangements suitable for hosting guests. Ample storage for food and beverages and a grill or stove for preparing hot meals are must-have features. Below deck, the cabin should sleep at least four and have berths that allow adults to stretch out fully. A well-equipped head compartment with a shower and sink will have enough room to stand.            


  1. Take a Waterfront Hotel Wherever You Go

Finding a waterfront hotel at a popular coastal destination can be a problem during peak travel season. Another issue is that resorts can be overcrowded, which interferes with relaxation. A cabin cruiser gives you control over when you can go to your favorite destination without ever getting on a road. The beauty of a boat you can sleep on is that, with some research, owners can find a secluded place with a stunning view, drop the anchor, and experience a memorable night on the water.     


  1. They Provide Protection From the Elements

Unlike more open boats, cabin cruisers have a built-in refuge to keep the crew comfortable when Mother Nature rains on your parade. In addition, cabin cruisers like the Boston Whaler 350 Realm Express Cruiser have full enclosure options that give the bridge deck 360-degree protection from the elements and help extend the boating season. Larger models feature air-conditioning that makes the cabin an oasis on blazing days. Some, like the 350 Realm, even have A/C at the open-air helm, which is surprisingly effective.    


  1. Cabin Cruisers Help Promote Family Bonding

An often overlooked feature of cabin cruisers is their positive effect on family bonding. Whether overnighting or making it a week or longer, time spent aboard your floating cocoon, away from outside distractions, has a magical influence that fosters forgotten activities like talking to each other, having dinner together, or playing a board game in the cabin when at anchor. During the day, involving kids in helping with tasks like handling lines and fenders or assisting with navigation turns the family into a tight-knit crew.        


  1. Anglers can be in Position When the Action is Red Hot

Experienced anglers know that the best bites of the day often happen at sunrise and sunset. But being in on the water for these opportunities usually requires getting up well before dawn or staying out past dark, which makes fishing more of a grind than a relaxing pastime. Fishing on a cabin cruiser allows participants to head out after work and watch the sunset while catching dinner. Then, after a restful night on the water, grab a coffee and a fishing rod and return to the action.       


Designing the Ideal Multi-Purpose Cabin Cruiser

One of Boston Whaler's top designers, Kristin McGinnis, who took the lead on the new 365 Conquest, explained the design process.

 "It was an interesting balancing act to make the 365 Conquest boat as versatile and comfortable as possible. First, we wanted to ensure it had a fishing cockpit that was all business and had plenty of room and seating for anglers. Then, the amidship entertainment area had to have seating that was comfortable, flexible, and made with materials that hold up well and are easy to clean. We put the galley on the bridge deck for better ventilation and to make cooking part of the entertainment. This also made the cabin more spacious. When guests headed below, we wanted to create a soft and welcoming environment different from the fishing deck, which can get messy sometimes. It also has big-boat features like a dry head compartment with a shower behind a door. The Dynamic cabin system sleeps five and features an island bed that electronically converts to a dining area. The result is a design that does everything well."