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Head Pump Loud Priming Noise

Guest Contributor

Hi all. I own a 2018 27 Vantage. When I turn on the head to be able to flush it, there is a loud priming noise coming out of the pump. After each flush, it makes the same noise. Any idea how to fix this other than replacing the pump? Thank you. Glenn


Rising Contributor

Hi there Capt, 

This sounds like the Duck Bill Valves are bad.  Take a look here. 

If you are willing to get a little dirty and smelly, this is a simple fix. 



Capt. Brett M. Sause
USCG Master Licensed Captain

If your boat VacuFlush head pump keeps running (and there's still water in the bowl) then you probably need to replace the duckbill valves by the pump. This is a bit of a nasty boat project, but not as bad if you follow our how-to where we replace the duckbill valves for our Sea Ray aft toilet ...