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Access to Macerator Pump pipe work

Guest Contributor

Hi all, I have a 255 conquest and both of the Macerator Pumps have failed for the under deck kill tanks. I have removed the pumps and want to replace all of the hosing at the same time. There is a pipe that goes from the Macerator Pump to the rear of the boat, this is the one I am struggling with. 

I need to access the very aft of the boat in order assess the clamps that hold on the pipe work. I have noticed that there seems to be an access port on the rear platform steps on each side of the boat. One is under the ladder the other is visible normally. 

My question is, can these be removed if so how?

Any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Guest Contributor

Yes they both can be easily accessed,  those caps should just pop right off and there should be a rubber seal around them.  you have access but still not easy to get to,  You also have two more in the fish boxes You probably need to access from both sides that way you will have four open makes a little bit easier.  I just installed 43 gallon live well and had to access all mine to get to the plumbing. 

Good Luck !