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Bass Application Set up and Propping

Team Racing
Team Racing

Tell us about your bass application set up and propping!

I am a Brunswick employee.

Guest Contributor

I have a 2009 Ranger Z21 with a 250 ProXS (2 stroke) and 25p Trophy Plus.   I get around 57-58 mph at 5300 rpm.   I have a manual jackplate.   I feel like this prop doesn’t stay hooked up well in rough water with a heavy load and I’ve lost some bow lift.   Looking at either a Tempest or Bravo 1 XS but not sure which pitch to get.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to adjust my Jack plate as it’s been in place for 13 years now.  I’m not worried about top end too much. I want good hole shot and cruising at 40-50 mph in decent chop and ability to keep the bow up in rough Great Lakes water.  Than you. 

Guest Contributor

I have a 1995 Champion 202 DCX Elite. I just repowered with a 2022 250 ProXs with the Torque master lower unit. I currently have a 25P Tempest Plus. P2P is 3-3/4".  At that height, the cav plate is about 5-1/2" above the pad. I've watched your videos about setting the cav plate at 2-1/4" above pad. That will place my P2P at about 6". Any suggestions on a good starting height?

I've only had my boat out once with the new motor, and was running 69-70 before the "walk" got to bad to control. Tach didn't work so I added the Vessel View. Steering was "stiff" during these trial runs. I'll be running it again this weekend and determine my RPM's, speed, handling, etc.


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