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Propeller Testing at Lake X

Testing never stops for Mercury Racing, even after new products like the Mercury Racing V10 400R outboard and Ventera propeller are released to the public. Mercury Racing is actively involved in assisting its boat-builder partners in dialing in new e...

2023-MR-Basscat-LakeX-20_blog.png 2023-MR-Basscat-LakeX-16_blog.png 2023-MR-Basscat-LakeX-12_blog.png

Mercury Racing Shines at Dubai International Boat Show

Mercury Racing is truly a global brand and the Middle East is home to many performance boat enthusiasts who enjoy the Wide Open lifestyle offered by Mercury Racing products. To engage with this audience, Mercury Racing general manager Stuart Halley a...

Dubai.png Raslaan.jpg DSC00386.jpg

400R v10

I am buying a new Ranger 621fs pro, looking to power it with the new 400R v10, does anyone know if there will be a big difference with this motor compared to the standard 400 Verado v10, thx.

kloecker by Guest Contributor
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Mercury Racing Opens 2023 Scholarship Program

Mercury Racing is powered by a passion for excellence and the pursuit of high performance. Its long-standing success stems from its employees and their drive to develop, design and build high-performance, luxury sport marine products. To fuel the fut...


Rev 4 Lab Finished

Has the revolution 4 lab finished props been discontinued with the inception of the new Ventera?  If so, is their any discernable difference in performance between a comparable revolution 4 lab finished prop and lab finished Ventera?    Specifically ...

TH by Guest Contributor
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250R Sport Master Prop Advice

I just bought a 250R and it was installed on my 2009 Ranger Z21 (lead sled) and the dealer put a Fury 3-bladed prop on it and I am thinking I need to go to a Mercury Racing prop instead. I am getting about 65 MPH at about 6,100 RPM. The hole shot cou...

lwheeler by Guest Contributor
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Secrets Of Water Street Revealed

Chances are excellent that you didn’t know Mercury Racing has another location just a few minutes from its headquarters in Fond du Lac, Wis.

Water st 2.jpg miller.jpg Water St.jpg

Triple 300R AMS SportMaster rear factory tie bar...

Dealer sold me twin 300R AMS SportMaster lower with factory rear tie bar for my 36 foot offshore V Mono Hull Stating that he will get me 3rd center engine in 30” XXL lenght (please note this is triple setup), now dealer never came up with 3rd center ...

Gofast by Guest Contributor
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Mercury Racing Rocks Miami

The Miami International Boat Show was the backdrop for a week of exciting activity for Mercury Racing. On Feb. 14, more than 180 people attended a presentation and party at the 1111 Lincoln Road Event Space to kick off the Mercury Racing 50th Anniver...

miami-boat-show-2023-tom-leigh-0028.JPG miami-boat-show-2023-tom-leigh-1400_blog_.JPG miami-boat-show-2023-tom-leigh-0083.JPG miami-boat-show-2023-tom-leigh-0028.JPG
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