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Bahamas in a 270 Dauntless

Guest Contributor

If you need further motivation to travel internationally aboard your Whaler, see exhibit A here.  My wife and I made the round trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini Bahamas in the summer of 2019, and have plans to return this summer!IMG_4510.jpgIMG_4528.jpgIMG_4666.jpg

I am a Boston Whaler employee

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Looks amazing!

I am a Brunswick employee.

Guest Contributor

That’s cool. I am taking delivery of a Dauntless 27 and I wonder about the ride in the ocean. Did  Bahamas run feel like a big trip? Were you with other boats? Could you keep up without too much pounding?

I've been to Bimini a few times with a large Whaler group and there have been many 270 Dauntless' that made the crossing with us - even a 170! I didn't ride over on a 270 Dauntless myself, but didn't hear any complaints from those that did. It definitely all comes down to the sea conditions and your comfort level. I personally suggest the marine bean bags for added comfort in the stern if you have extra passengers. 😎

We used to own a 170 Montauk and would often take it out 25+ miles in the ocean from Ponce Inlet in a variety of conditions. We now own a 210 Montauk and would feel comfortable taking it to Bimini with a group.


I am a Brunswick employee.

Guest Contributor

I have a new 170 Montauk and would love to make this trip, but I'm too small (or nervous) go it alone.  I'm thinking about going on one of the MarineMax outings so there would be bigger boats along.  sounds very fun and I know jet skis do it often.

Guest Contributor

Last month, July we took my 240 Vantage to West End Bahamas.  This was a trip run by Marine Max.  I wouldn't attempt the trip on my own because my boat is a single engine.   The trip over was very rough especially through the Gulf Stream, it really wasn't fun especially for my wife.    The return trip was entirely different.  The GS was very smooth it felt like we were ice skating over the water at 30 mph, very fun.   

Next week we go with the same group to Bimini.  Hopefully the seas are 1 to 2 feet and a light chop in the Gulf Stream.


Have a great time! Make sure to visit Joe's Conch Shack, and definitely get a golf cart to explore the island.

I am a Brunswick employee.

I too also own a 240 Vantage and would love to make that trip.  Not sure I would have had the nerve to handle large waves.  I would love to talk to you about your 240 Vantage to see if you are experiencing any unusual listing to port side of the boat when what seems like even weight distributed between passengers and captain.  I absolutely love my boat and would own nothing but a Whaler but I can't get anyone to listen to my concern.  I hope this message finds you and please reach out to me.  Thanks much.  Tim  216-570-4108  [email protected]  

Definitely not with a single engine!

asking for trouble. 

Capt. Brett M. Sause
USCG Master Licensed Captain

Are you planning a trip in July of this year? If so, are you open to having other boats join you?

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Those pictures are amazing. I just finished a weeklong trip going from Jupiter down to Key West and back. My next goal is to go from Palm Beach to the Bahamas. I was hoping to join other boats for my first crossing. Did you go by yourself or were you with other Boats? What time of year do you plan on going?