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Team Racing
Team Racing

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Teams Visit Havasu Middle School Following Havasu Classic Weekend

Mercury Racing outboard power propelled racers Rusty Wyatt to an event win and Spencer Love to a Formula 1 powerboat series championship at the Lake Havasu Classic Outboard Championships, the final race on the 2022 F1 Powerboat Championship Series, at Lake Havasu, Arizona, Oct. 14-16. Formula 1 is the premier tunnel boat circuit racing class in North America.

In three heat races and the final Wyatt accumulated 266 points, highlighted by a win in the final on Sunday. Christ Rinker was second on the weekend with 246 points, followed by Spencer Love with 244 points. Love took the season championship, notching a total of 1,026 points in five events. Dylan Anderson was second with 921 points, followed by Jerimiah Mayo with 903 points.

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Back to School

The 2022 Havasu Classic officially wrapped on Sunday but not all the powerboats shot out of town. On Monday, event organizers led by Tim Seebold and several of the racing teams visited Havasu Thunderbolt Middle School to speak with students about racing on the water. The visit to the middle school was an extension of Kids on the Colorado River, a program that aims to educate Havasu students about the major river in their backyard and was sponsored in part by Mercury Racing.

“Our goal with this program is to connect powerboat racing to the wider Havasu community,” said Seebold. “The Kids on the Colorado River program teaches students about history and environmental aspects of a river that is really the focal point of the entire region. This was our first time organizing this program after the Classic. I’d like to thank Rinker Racing, Clover Racing, Mike Quindazzi and Yates Racing for bringing boats and gear and making the presentations.”

More than 450 students moved through five stations, representing Racing Management, Racing Teams, Driving, Safety and Mechanics. The students also learned about the long history of powerboat racing on Lake Havasu. Racing teams brought four boats and other equipment to the school as part of the program.