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Team Racing

The “finish” on a high-performance propeller refers to how the raw propeller casting is transformed into a ready-to-use propeller. The finish description can be confusing as different propeller shops and manufacturers apply them differently; some shops offer “blue printing” or “lab finishing” with the promise of increasing speed.

Mercury Marine produces a broad selection of Standard Finish propellers that deliver outstanding performance for recreational boating. To serve high-performance and racing customers, Mercury Racing offers its 20 propeller lines in two finish levels: Pro Finish and Lab Finish. The most popular Mercury Racing propeller models, the Bravo I and Revolution 4, are offered in both Pro and Lab Finishes. The Bravo I FS, LT, XS, XC, and Revolution 4 XP are all Pro Finish propellers.

Mercury Racing Pro Finish propellers retain the durability of a Standard Finish prop and the corrosion resistance of a highly polished surface while offering the benefit of a hand-finishing process. Mercury Racing propeller artisans start with a raw stainless steel propeller casting and finish and fine tune the propeller by hand. The end result is a blue-printed propeller that has perfectly matching cup heights across every blade and a custom blade thickness profile. The propeller is perfectly balanced, there will be consistency in RPM when running on a multi-engine setup, and in most applications the Pro Finish propeller will deliver higher top-end speed than a Standard Finish propeller. In most applications switching from a Standard to Pro Finish propeller will permit stepping up one inch of pitch due to the ability of the Pro Finish to generate higher RPM. The opportunity to run a propeller with more pitch can produce a 2- to 5-mph increase in top end-speed – simply from bolting on the propeller.

Revolution4 Pro Finish.png

Mercury Racing Lab Finish propellers follow a similar journey but are taken to the next level with additional blade thinning, which creates a sharper wedge that cuts through the water with less power-robbing drag and, once again, an increase in top-end RPM and a step up in pitch by about one inch with a corresponding gain in top speed, compared to a Pro Finish model. Mercury Racing Lab Finish props are especially effective on lighter-weight high-performance boats capable of running above 80 mph. Lab Finish props are durable but the ultra-crisp blade edges must be maintained to retain peak performance.

Mercury Racing offers a diverse line of propellers that are continually tested and improved in the most demanding environments. Mercury Racing backs its props with a one-year factory warranty, which also covers any and all damage done to the engine upon propeller failure.

The Bravo I FS has taken the bass, walleye, and multi species market by storm, in part because of the top end speed gains from its Pro Finish.

The only propeller not built exclusively by hand is the CNC Cleaver, which features our Lab Finish specifications for maximum top end speed.