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Team Ripl
Team Ripl

You’re only as good as your gear. Stock your boat with the necessities and stow any other items you think might come in handy. Use these guides to make sure your boat is outfitted with everything you need to stay safe on the water. Looking to purchase? All items can be purchased through your local dealer or marine supply store. We have also provided some direct links to purchase online. 

Items Required by Regulation: The US Coast Guard requires certain items on your boat at all times. 


  A-E PFDsF Visual distress signals | G Sound signals 

Not Pictured: Fire Extinguisher | Ventilation on boats using gasoline
Backfire flame control on boats using gasoline 


Recommended Items for Safe Boating: Outfitting your boat with the right items will help you stay safe on the water, keep in mind that your needs may change depending on the size of your boat, as well as where you are boating. 

Boating Safety for Everyone.png

 A First aid kit | B Set of Paddles/Oars 
Boarding Ladder I D Watersports flag | E Anchor

Not Pictured: Reef Safe Sunscreen | Carbon Monoxide Detector | Extra water and food 

Near Shore Boating Safety.png

   A GPS and Depth Finder B Compass | C Tool Kit | D  Float plan

Not Pictured: Safety Knife/Multi-Tool | VHF Radio

Offshore Boating Safety.png

 A Search light | B Automatic identification system (AIS) 

Not Pictured: Life Raft | Man-overboard recovery gear | Radio direction finder | Sea Drogue
Long-range communication gear | Weather information system | Radar and radar reflector
Emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) or emergency locator beacon (ELB) 



10 things to have on your boat video.png  Boating Etiquette, Part 1.pngCarro Intro.png   Latimer Intro.png