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Pontoon Boat Bow Riding?

This past weekend, we enjoyed another sunny Saturday in Chicago's "Play Pen," just north of the iconic Navy Pier. On such a nice day, hundreds of boats will anchor and raft-off of each other and people swim from boat to boat, or layout on the rafts b...


Stuck on the Chicago River? Not so much.

I am a USCG licensed Master Captain, and I have traveled the United States visiting different Freedom Boat Club locations. My home club is Holland, Michigan. My guests Al, Emily, Dani, and I met up at the Freedom Boat Club (FBC) in Hammond, Indiana, ...

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Boating in San Diego Area w/ the US Navy

In March of 2021, my friend and I flew out to San Diego to use the Freedom Boat Club out there. We were inspired because FBC had a Wednesday night YouTube special about this club, and everything there is to do in Southern California. We flew into San...

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Treasure Island, Florida Boating w/o a Rental Car

Here is a Pro-Tip. If you are heading to the Tampa / Clearwater area, there is a hotel called the Treasure Bay Marina Resort. It is a nice hotel, right across the street from the Gulf of Mexico. Great pool, breakfast, and sunset bar too! What is even...

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Concert @ Soldier Field in Chicago?

A few weeks ago, we used the Freedom Boat Club in Burnham Harbor to take a group of 12+ friends our for an afternoon of swimming and boating. We also had tickets for the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Soldier Field that night, which is just steps from the ...

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Attending a Boat Show

What boat show are you attending? Any advice for a first timer? Share your tips/tricks and advice with your Ripl Community in the comments below!

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Favorite Boating Accessory

Your Ripl Community wants to know your personal favorite boating accessories - tell us in the comments below! 

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