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Concert @ Soldier Field in Chicago?

Guest Contributor

A few weeks ago, we used the Freedom Boat Club in Burnham Harbor to take a group of 12+ friends our for an afternoon of swimming and boating. We also had tickets for the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Soldier Field that night, which is just steps from the Freedom Boat Club. Our friend Dani had booked this back in the spring, so we knew it was going to be EPIC. So... we met with our team and loaded the gear on the boat. As we were leaving, the Navy F-18 Blue Angels were soaring overhead and we knew we were in for an awesome night. We motored over to Monroe Harbor, just off of Grant Park. The kids swam and we all had a relaxing time. A few hours later, we returned to boat to the FBC at Burnham, where they had the floating dock bathrooms and showers for us to get cleaned-up. We then proceeded (with permission) to tailgate before the concert at the picnic tables at FBC and walked up to the venue. When the show was over, we simply walked back to the Freedom Boat Club area and watched the traffic clear as we enjoyed some wine and snacks.  The expert tip here is....DON'T PAY $65 to park!!! Reserve a boat for the afternoon / evening, and park for free! The FBC staff is excellent and accommodating and they want you to have the best night of your life.. A $20 tip to the dock staff goes along way!! So Go For It!!