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Team Ripl
Team Ripl

The Ripl Hub. Where boaters meet other boaters.

The Ripl Hub is the home base for our online community. This is a space where you can find insider tips and tricks, explore expert-created content and start conversations by asking questions or sharing your own advice.

Once you create an account, you can get started in three easy steps. 

1. Customize your profile + Introduce yourself

First thing’s first: Add a profile picture. We recommend a shot of you enjoying the water! You can also alter your settings, change your notification preferences and check your direct messages by toggling over your username in the top right corner. 

After you've added a profile picture, introduce yourself to the community on this post. Share with the community where you boat, how you get out on the water and what your favorite on-water activities are! 

2. Learn to navigate 

The Community Chats section features 3 topic category boards for you to engage in:  

  • Boating Advice: Engage with the community to ask questions and share your own tips. 
  • Boating Lifestyle: Read and share stories about your favorite on-the-water experiences. 
  • Product Chat: Ask the community questions about specific marine products. 

The Blogs section is your go-to resource for the latest articles, boating information, event recaps and other Ripl information. And, make sure you don’t miss out on upcoming Ripl exclusives and contests by dropping in on the Events section!

3. Start sharing

Ready to ask a question? Interested in providing your own insight or feedback? From the Community Chats section, select a topic category board and comment on existing posts or start a new conversation by posing a question or sharing your advice. Just remember to label your post and feel free to include an image or video if you’d like! All we ask is that you remember to abide by our Community Guidelines when engaging with other members. 

Connecting with your community is simple, and the more you post, comment and like, the quicker you’ll rank up and receive badges! 


Ready to get started? Create your account and start connecting with the Ripl Community today! 


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