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Boating in Florida this winter?

Want to go to Florida every month this winter? Check out how we did it!       Every year, we Midwesterners see signs that advertise cheap flights to Florida on discount carriers, such as Allegiant, Spirit, and Frontier to name a few.  $39 tickets fro...

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Ripl Favorites | Boat Snacks

A boat ride isn't complete without snacks!  In the comments, share your must have(s) items when you go out on the water.  Everyone can always use new or fresh ideas when it comes to packing the cooler and/or snack bag!     

Ripl by Team Ripl
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Pontoon Boat Bow Riding?

This past weekend, we enjoyed another sunny Saturday in Chicago's "Play Pen," just north of the iconic Navy Pier. On such a nice day, hundreds of boats will anchor and raft-off of each other and people swim from boat to boat, or layout on the rafts b...