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Team Ripl
Team Ripl

We asked a handful of boaters to name their boating essentials in 15 seconds or less. Before you watch the video, ask yourself and see how many things you come up with! Anything extra is icing on the cake.


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Guest Contributor

So I chose to answer this before I watched the video to see how I do! Besides the required safety equipment and without regard for the waters of operation, but for a full day on the water:

  • Seaworthy Boat - all systems function properly.
  • Fuel - enough for the cruise plus 30% spare.
  • Lines & Fenders (bumpers) - for docking and towing.
  • Anchor & Line - not always required but good to have.
  • Sun Protection - hats, sunglasses, "cool" towels, sunscreen, and shade for all.
  • Water - lots and lots of water for everyone, including pets.
  • Food - snacks and sandwiches for everyone, including pets.
  • Basic Spare Parts & Tools - at the very least, a propeller and hardware with changing tools.
  • Sober Skipper - of course!
  • Spare Emergency Cut-Off Switch Lanyard - if the Captain is thrown overboard with the lanyard, a spare is needed to operate the boat.

Let's see how I did!

Guest Contributor

I did pretty good except for fishing/watersports equipment. As far as beer/alcohol, it's fine for passengers in moderation, but the captain is ultimately responsible for the conduct of passengers on the vessel!