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Team Ripl
Team Ripl

I spend more time on the water than most people. It is my happy place, the place I go to relax but also where I get the thrill of watersports. Whether I’m on my wakeboard boat, my fiancé's pontoon boat or even on my surfboard, you’ll find me in the ocean almost every day of the week.

My boating routine varies a bit with the seasons, but my absolute favorite time of the year is fall or spring, but we’ll take it from the top:



During the winter months my boat spends a lot of time out of the water, but once we have those warm fronts come through in North Carolina, you’ll find us with our wetsuits on enjoying the almost empty Intercoastal Waterway. Since I grew up in Sweden the cold doesn't bother me much as it does my friends. You’ll find me on my surfboard in Sweden in a snowstorm if the waves are good,but here I focus on other things, such as setting goals, spending time in the gym and planning for the next season. 

I’ve always found that it is good for my wakeboarding mindset to take it a little easy during the coldest months of the year. 

My tips for winter boating: 

  • Be on the lookout for warm weather and take advantage of the nice days and enjoy them to the fullest! 
  • If you live in a place where it’s simply too cold for boating in the winter, this is an excellent time to deal with all those projects you don’t want to have to worry about once it warms up. Maybe you can research and purchase that new boating gear you’ve been needing. 
  • Now’s the time to get any repairs done so you don’t have to have it sitting in the shop during peak season.  
  • If you’re into watersports, this is a great time for off-water training to get you in shape for the new season.


Carro Full Boat.jpg

When spring hits and the air starts warming up, our wakeboarding souls start thawing out again and we’ll spend as much time on the water as we can. This means about 5-6 days a week if the weather allows us! Springtime is when I get to knock the winter rust off my aching muscles (because no matter how hard you work in the gym over winter, once spring comes you’ll still struggle to walk down the stairs after your first week back on your board). 

My tips for spring boating: 

  • Remember to bring warm clothes on the water! Even if the air is warm, the water will still be cold and you’ll feel way colder in that seabreeze on your boat than you will on your sunny back porch. 
  • If you’re into watersports, ease back into it. Chances are that your mind is ready to pick up right where you left off, but your body probably needs a couple of weeks to get back in shape. 
  • Avoid injuries by working on fundamentals and building strength for your first few gos. You have a whole season to get the rest! 


Carro Boat.jpg

This is our busy season and I am typically on some kind of boat every single day. Whether I’m getting ready for a ride on my wakeboard boat or enjoying a sunset cruise on a sailboat, you’ll find me out on the water. I’m also in full contest mode in the summer and I spend most of my days on airplanes, wakeboarding and coaching on different lakes. I’ll be able to spend a little down time in Bath, NC where my fiancé runs a boating charter business as well. 

My tips for summer boating: 

  • Be kind and courteous to other boaters! This is everyone's busy season and we’re all trying to have a good time out there. 
  • Don’t throw a massive surf wave close to where someone is trying to fish, idle passed them and stay far away from shorelines to avoid erosion. 
  • Don’t tube in the only calm cove if other boaters are trying to wakeboard or ski there, your kids will have just as much fun in the rougher open waters and your skiing neighbors will be so grateful your waves are not messing up their course. 
  • Be patient at boat ramps, and help other boaters dock at the marina if you see them needing help. A little kindness can go a long way and I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around. 


Carro Boat and Wake Surf Board.jpg

Ahh, after a busy summer on the water, only the hardcore boaters remain! The water is still warm but kids are back in school and the waters usually calm down a lot. This is when I have the most fun on my board; the contest season is over and I can focus 100% on enjoying riding behind my boat before it gets too cold and it’s time for the winter break. I also don’t have any events I need to train for, so when I wakeboard, it’s only for me. 

My tips for fall boating: 

  • Soak up the last good days on the water because you head into winter hibernation. 
  • Bring warm gear for the boat: blankets, thermos with hot drinks and an extra jacket can do wonders for your (and your friends’) mood out there. 
  • Focus on the fun and be kind to yourself after a long season, this is YOUR time and you decide how to spend it.



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