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Team Ripl
Team Ripl

Whether you have big dreams of going pro or just want to shred it up this summer for kicks, staying in shape for watersports is crucial to improving your form and maximizing your stamina behind the boat.  

So, we asked our Ripl ambassador and pro wakeboarder Carro to share some of her go-to fitness tips with us.  

The overall goal, according to Carro, is maintaining your core strength by activating as many muscles as possible in each drill; wakeboarding works your entire body, so you want to try to replicate that in your off-season training.   

Moves featured in this video:* 

  1. Dragon – You can use a bar/weight plate/hand weights. This move challenges your muscles of the backside of your body and the muscles surrounding the knee which are great to strengthen, especially for wakeboarding. 
  2. Front Squats – You can use bar or hand weights for working core and legs in a single motion.  
  3. Scapular Retraction – This works the core and back muscles.  
  4. One-Armed Bench Press with a Bridge – A combination of bodyweight and handheld weight works the core, back-body and arms. 
  5. Cable Side Jumps & Lunge Twists– A full-body workout with heavy core focus.  
  6. BONUS! Stick around for bonus moves at the end to keep the workout going. 

Moves like these can give you a good idea of what it takes to make waves in competitive watersports, but there are always benefits to moving your body (to whatever degree you’re able) when the weather is less conducive to outdoor recreation.  

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