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Scalloping in Homosassa

Guest Contributor

Our favorite thing to do with the boat is to go scalloping in the gulf from Homosassa. Scalloping is just the great fun excuse to use the boat in fresh water, swim in the gulf, swim with manatees, dolphins, evening cruises with access to excellent restaurants, swim in the springs, and a great water front community to explore. We usually stay at the Sea Grass Resort which is a lot more low key than the resort title implies, but it offers its own boat ramp, docks and great parking. Freezers restaurant is a must while there. Saying hi to the monkeys on monkey island while passing by is enjoyable as well. Its a long winding ride to the gulf but that's what boating is about. 


Community Admin
Community Admin

 We love it over there too! We missed it this season, but are already planning next year. I'll check out that hotel, thanks for the recommendation.

I am a Brunswick employee.

Guest Contributor

This is on my bucket list! What's the best time of year to go? 

It really depends on the season, and where you plan to stay. Some seasons, the scallops are heavy at the start, and others they get heavy towards the end. The FWC does a great job of keeping you updated. Make sure to check out their site ahead of next year. But book EARLY! You definitely don't want to deal with the boat ramps and should stay on the water if you can.

I am a Brunswick employee.

Thank you!