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Repower/Upgrade questions 300R - 400/400R

Guest Contributor

After just a very satisfying year with the twin 300R's on my Marlin 350 FS (35' deep V Center console, non stepped Hull, engines sit at 27" c-c, current top speed 52.8knots (fine tuned toe, trim & props turning out, Bravo1 20" FS) ,cruise 35-37knots).

I'm discussing with the local dealer the pricing for a potential upgrade to the new 400/400R V10. The whole story is anyways at the top level what I am willing to invest and therefore want to make sure I get the absolute best option... Now as there are very few actual differences in the 400hp motors (unlike the V8 300R with cams, intake manifolds, oil cooler etc) the main difference comes down to the gear cases and it would be great to get first hand feedback to support me in my decision to choose in between the 2 400hp motors.

So far I know:

The standard 400 comes with the new 6.4" gearcase with a higher gear ratio, specific rev-x propeller, engines mount usually two holes higher as compared to the 5.44 setup (as per Mercury university podcast). The larger gearcase shall provide more lift and compensate for the increased drag by the housing itself

The R comes with the 5.44" HD case (as I have on my 300R)...

As I prefer high cruise speeds, run top speed if conditions/passengers allow and good fuel efficiency - what would be the better choice, the standard 400 or 400r - Go! 


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