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Drive-on Floating Dock and a new 130 Super Sport

Hello! I have just become a owner of a 2022 130 Super Sport! What a great boat! I have a question about my drive-on floating dock. It has rollers but they are setup to support weight of the keel and they are pretty wide. I have included a picture bel...


130 Super Sport @ 6,000 feet.

I am considering purchasing a new 130 Super Sport. In addition to using it in coastal waters, I would like to use it at Lake Tahoe @ 6,000 feet. Is changing the prop pitch enough to still get up on a plane, with a full tank of gas and 2-3 people in t...

Mercury Vessel View

#BWOCEntryHi this is Bill in Charleston. I own a 2016 Boston Whaler Super Sport 130. I install the Mercury VesselView product to my engine. The install is easy and within minutes the Mercury VesselView product is up and running on the app in your pho...

Bill by Guest Contributor
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Hi I’m Bill in Charleston SC. I bought a 2016 BW Super Sport 130 last year w 60 hour on the  engine. I drove 1000 miles to pick it up in Springfield MO. It’s a boat. The top speed is 33mph and on the average of all RPM settings it burns 2 GPH. I adde...

Bill by Guest Contributor
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To save or not to save... your transom

Hey there!  I am loving our new SS 130.  This summer down in Patagonia it took our family fly-fishing, cruising and wakeboarding for days.  We just LOVE this boat.  That's why I sort of got a bit concerned while hauling it over our irregular roads, b...

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JuanF by Guest Contributor
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