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Team Whaler
Team Whaler

1. What Boston Whaler model(s) do you own or previously have owned and where do you do your boating?

2017 345 Conquest. 

IMG_00383 - J M.jpeg

2. What drew you to the Whaler brand?


IMG_00695 - J M.jpeg

3. What’s your preferred/favorite way to use your Whaler?


IMG_00452 - J M.jpeg

4. What’s your favorite memory on your Whaler?

Our friend took us from our ceremony to our reception for our wedding day. 

IMG_00409 - J M.jpeg

5. Any additional notes/tidbits? Please share!

Our friend surprised us on our wedding with a ride from the ceremony to the reception in their 345 Conquest.

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 11.18.57 AM.png