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250R Sport Master Prop Advice

Guest Contributor

I just bought a 250R and it was installed on my 2009 Ranger Z21 (lead sled) and the dealer put a Fury 3-bladed prop on it and I am thinking I need to go to a Mercury Racing prop instead. I am getting about 65 MPH at about 6,100 RPM. The hole shot could use some work. I normally could figure this out on my own but the sport master coming up so high has me perplexed about what I should consider for testing to narrow down the exact prop needed. In using the prop application on the website, it came up with these 6 possibilities: Max 5, Max 5 SY, Bravo I FS, Pro Max, Bravo I LT, Bravo I XC. I am not going to be able to put my hands on this many high-end props to test, so anything that will help me narrow it down would be greatly appreciated.


Guest Contributor

@lwheeler any update on this?  Curious to know how what prop you ended up with and what you are seeing for performance! 

Guest Contributor

Never got any help. I am still running the prop I had. MY motor is just now reaching about 85 hours, so I will begin researching again to make the change, but I want to be sure I am doing right because these high-end props are high-dollar. 

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