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Silhouette with 300R propeller help

Guest Contributor

I am trying to figure out the best propeller to use on my silhouette modified tunnel for water skiing. I was running a 17" pitch High 5 on the old  promax 300 with a sport master gearcase but it doesnt seem to work very well on the new 300R with a torque master gear case it blows out under a heavy load like pulling a large tube. It also hits the rev limiter if I am not careful when running without a skier. I have a Solas Rubex 15.25 dia. 20" pitch that is suppose to be like a Bravo I it tops out at 4600 RPM and 42 MPH with the trim down all the way. Also I tried a Rev 4 19" pitch 5080 RPM and 44 MPH. both seem to pull the tube or skier OK.  I am assuming it would be better to get the RPMs around 5500. The boat porposes with all these props when I get around 30 MPH or if I trim up. I have trim tabs so I run them down some to control the porposing when skiing. I was thinking maybe a Bravo I LT or a Rev 4 XP because of the extra bow lift. What is the difference between a Rev4 and the Mercury racing Rev 4 XP. Let me know if you need more info and I apricate any suggestions.