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Enertia Eco XP pitches...

Is the 21.5" pitch Enertia Eco XP made by adding cup to the 21" pitch regular Eco casting? As opposed to removing pitch from a higher pitch casting? I ran the 21p regular Eco on my rig and it was almost perfect but wanted a tad more grip. If the 21.5...

Johnnyred by Guest Contributor
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Prop Selection for 120mph monohull

Dears,We want to hit 120mph with twin 500Rs on our 9.5m monohull.  I'm not overly confident in going with a cleaver as I had not so good results with them on outboards so far.  Could a bravo 1 or a Max 5 work, had these up to 100mph before?  There is...


Silhouette with 300R propeller help

I am trying to figure out the best propeller to use on my silhouette modified tunnel for water skiing. I was running a 17" pitch High 5 on the old  promax 300 with a sport master gearcase but it doesnt seem to work very well on the new 300R with a to...

wjb274 by Guest Contributor
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Propeller advice wanted twin 300R on 35ft deep v cc

Looking for propeller advice for my boat.Boat details: Marlin 350 SF, 35.6 ft long, deep v 24 degree deadrise, euro transom style, engine center to center 27", engines twin 300R HD CMS, turning inwards, current tie setting 1/4 inch toe in (experiment...

Rouven036 by Guest Contributor
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Bass Setups

Let's talk setups on bass boats, whether you're fully loaded with a partner, or running light for top end, what's your favorite setup between props, engine height, setback, etc? Post up photos! 

Mercury Racing Prop School Blogs

Good morning everyone! If you are familiar with our blog, then you have probably seen our 9-part mini series on prop terminology and general prop knowledge that we have dubbed "Prop School". What are some other areas or facets of props you'd like to ...


For the K-Plane users out there . . . what kinds of upgrades and improvements would you like to see with your K-Plane tabs?