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Bass Setups

Team Racing

Let's talk setups on bass boats, whether you're fully loaded with a partner, or running light for top end, what's your favorite setup between props, engine height, setback, etc? Post up photos! 


Guest Contributor

I repowered my 2016 Triton 20 TRX with the 4 stroke 250 Pro XS.  Previous motor was the 2 stroke version running a ZLock manual jack plate with 10” setback at max height adjustment, motor mounted in center hole. and running a Fury4 25” pitch.  I run power-poles and lithium batteries, lots of tackle, but fish alone predominantly.
The new 4 stroke was mounted in exactly the same position.  Based on the YouTube videos interviews by Ken Smith with Mercury Racing I bought a Bravo 1 FS 24 pitch.  When I test ran it I had too much stern lift and barely had to trim the motor to get on plan.  But when I slowed down the bow came down and hooked badly.  My question is if I raise the motor 1 hole will it have a significant enough impact to reduce the stern lift to balance the boat lift?  The Bravo I maxed out at 5600 rpm and 66 mph.  The temperature was in the 90s and water in the mid 80s.  
I put a Fury 4 23 on and it runs 67 at 5780 rpm’s fully trimmed 

looking for how to set up to run the Bravo or is it just a miss match.  I liked the attributes of the Bravo on plane.  Love a 4 blade for handling and stability.  The Bravo seems like it has more potential speed if I can reduce the stern lift

Hi Marathon, I would definitely consider raising the engine up at least one hole if not two. The underside of the gear case provides a huge amount of stern lift in addition to the prop, the more you can get out of the water while retaining efficiency and handling, the better your boat will perform. 

Guest Contributor


I am running a Bullet 21xrd with a 300R/sportmaster lower, Motor is mounted on a 15 inch setback fixed Jackplate set for 1 3/8 inches above the pad. Prop is a Max5 ST 31 pitch and I am running 95 mph fully tournament loaded with two guys. This is my second Max 5 because I lost the first one due to prop shaft breaking. Mercury replaced my prop and lower unit under Mercury warranty. My concern is: Both my first and second Max 5 has a fairly severe vibration momentary when coming out of the hole. Vibration goes away when up on plane,  I did not have this vibration when running other props. What is causing this vibration? How can I eliminate it? Or is this OK and I shouldn't worry about it? I need your help, Please..


Ron Clark 919-410-3584

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