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Revolution 4 XP details

Guest Contributor

@NickPetersen  I would like to know if the profile of the new 15" dia Revolution 4 XP is same as on the smaller 14,6" models? Any differences on rake, cup etc? Which pitches have most cupping odds or even? .5 pitches are made by removing some cup right? Are pitches consistent between 14,6" and 15" models or should I consider some kind of gap when moving for the larger diameter?

Fast single engine boat so have to dig to the details a bit 😅




Team Racing

Hi Joona! The 15.00" diameter models are currently only available in 26 to 27.5 pitch. The XP version features the same Pro Finish recipe as the 14.63" Rev 4 XPs, meaning leading edge geometry and cups are all in line. The blades do get slightly thicker through the center radius and out near the trailing edge, to help support more demanding surfacing applications. We have found that in most cases the added diameter provides more mid range lift and actually makes up for the increased thickness in terms of acceleration. Pitch progression is the same as the other Rev 4s, so expect a 300 RPM decrease when going from a 25 to a 27 pitch. Rev 4s are cast in odd increments, and we remove some cupping to make the evens. I've found these days a lot of the four strokes prefers the evens/ less cupping. In some cases it allows you to step up in pitch, which leads to big gains in mid range economy and top end speed. 

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