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Team Ripl
Team Ripl
Nothing sours a boater’s buzz like a disorderly day on the water. As Ripl Insider Heidi explains, maximizing your space on board is the key to stress-free recreation. Check out her tips for family boaters, or really, anyone who loves good “cleanspirtation” content.  


Heidi’s advice covers just a few easy hacks our insiders swear by - from snack and bathroom storage in the cabin to how to get life jackets out of the way while also letting them dry.  



Video Featuring: 
Heidi, Teidi Home

Items Featured:
Teidi Home: Lifejacket Hooks | Children's Library Books | Monogram Towels

Container Store: Small Crates | XS Storage Bin with Handles | Tall Bin Organizer 
Small Deep Drawer Organizer | Medium Drawer Organizer | Medium Bin Organizer
Modular Bins & Lids | Narrow Pantry Bin | Paperwork Bin | 5 Section Acrylic Tote 
Adhesive Putty | Mounting Squares | Towel Hooks




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