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1989 18’ bowrider alarms

Guest Contributor

I have a 1989 bowrider with a 135 Mercury 2 stroke outboard.  I am having some issues with alarms.  When I took it out the first time there was a long consistent alarm.  We messed with the oil reservoir connection and that seemed to eliminate it that day.

While it seemed to fix it that day, I have since, when the boat is at my home,  turned the key to the power position and will sometimes get one beep, a longer beep with a few beeps after,  the long consistent buzz I encountered above, and sometimes a consistent buzz and trail off like a toy with a dying battery.

After I charge my battery, the first time I turn to power it just gives me one beep.  If I turn off and on a few times I will usually run into the long consistent buzz.  
When I took it out the temp was ok.

any thoughts on what might be the issue?