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Hi,Husband and I just bought a...

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Husband and I just bought a 1986 340 express Cruiser and I have a question about the tdx system. We want to take it out but until then would like to pump out instead of discharging into the lake. How do I pump out?  There is no opening on the side for pumping like there is for water and gas. I don’t see anything on the tank that would be accessible either. Surely the is a way to pump out. The owners manual does not address this. 




Guest Contributor
Hi Karen as the TDX was the solution of the day some boats where fitted w a plan B (pumpout) some where not. I have been using Seacoast Services (owner George owner) 8776452064 found him be an honest busenessman (old school honest) been around for ever in the bus... he has helped me rebuild my system ...give him a call tell him Matt from Louisiana told the way I am wanting to further finish my system rebuild and would like to get any parts you would remove... best of luck! .. [email protected] is my business email..