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Team Whaler
Team Whaler

1. What Boston Whaler model(s) do you own or previously have owned and where do you do your boating?

220 Outrage on Lake Winnipesaukee.

D592A93A-C058-48EC-842C-7DC4C311148E - Cindy Creteau.jpeg

2. What drew you to the Whaler brand?

It’s the perfect boat for everything and holds its value. Love mine. 

IMG_4802 - Cindy Creteau (1).png

3. What’s your preferred/favorite way to use your Whaler?

Taking family and friends for rides, to restaurants and bars and visiting all my friends on the lake.

IMG_3026 - Cindy Creteau (1).jpeg

4. What’s your favorite memory on your Whaler?

My children and grandchildren enjoying it. 

294C801D-7A09-4905-8AC8-78CE2C1EC4EA - Cindy Creteau.jpeg

5. Any additional notes/tidbits? Please share!

When my children were younger, I bought them their own 130 Sport to buzz around in and grow up with a boat like I did. 

IMG_2191 - Cindy Creteau.jpeg

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