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Team Whaler
Team Whaler

1. What Boston Whaler model(s) do you own or previously have owned and where do you do your boating?

1962 13' Boston Whaler and the boat mostly sits on Long Lake in Saxeville, WI.

Image-388 - Todd Pusser.jpg










2. What drew you to the Whaler brand?

Teak and a classic, timeless look.

Image-349 - Todd Pusser.jpg







3. What’s your preferred/favorite way to use your Whaler?

We take my father-in laws-boat out fishing a lot during the summer!

Image-407 - Todd Pusser.jpg







4. What’s your favorite memory on your Whaler?

My wife and I got married and took her father's Whaler out for pictures! We've always loved Boston Whaler and it made our day so much more special! Can't wait to own our own Boston Whaler in the future!

Image-351 - Todd Pusser.jpg


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