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Hello this is Gene and Chris. New...

Guest Contributor

Hello this is Gene and Chris. New here with a just purchased 2012 Sea Ray 240 SunDeck in Madison, WI. A step up from our 1997 Four Winns Horizon QX, which we sold the next day to the first person to look at it. We are in the process of naming the new boat. Not easy with so much to think about. But we are very excited to get out in the new boat and discover all it has to offer. Would love to hear from any of you that would like to "raft up" on here.


Guest Contributor
Congrats on the new (to you) Sundeck! I have a 2001 240 here in the Madison area myself!

Naming/renaming isn’t easy! This is my 3rd season with this boat (had a 1989 160 prior) and I still can’t come up with a name that I love. Still undecided whether I leave it as Date Nite or rename it.

Where in the Madison area do you typically go? We usually launch on Waubesa and take the Yahara to Monona.

Guest Contributor
Hello, thanks for the reply. Yes naming the boat is always a tough decision. The last one was named after my Mother. Her license plate said, "Sarah." So the boat was named "Sarah Too."
Chris's initials ate "CJ." So she's thinking of "Sea Jay." Also thought of "Chris's Craft."
We launch at Skipper Buds and just stay on Lake Mendota. We have a slip at the Naut-ti-Gal, but until last night we didn't think the Sea Ray would fit under the bridge. We now know that it does and will keep it in the slip on weekends.
We have some friends on Lake Waubesa with a 2004 Sea Ray. We are actually using their trailer till ours is ready.
Happy Boating...

Guest Contributor
I like Sea Jay for a name!

The previous owner of my boat kept it in the dry dock storage at Skipper Buds for the 10 years they owned it. I thought that was a pretty slick way to store it, and have them plop it in the water with a forklift when you’re ready for it. But then I found one of their old invoices in the owners manual packet. My jaw hit the floor when I realized how much they spent on that over 10 years! Haha

I don’t go on Mendota too often, as Monona/Waubesa is so much more convenient based on my location, and I’m not sure if I could get under the bridges on the yahara between mendota/Monona if I were to go that way, though it could be fun to go through the locks!

Happy boating!