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I just bought my first Sea Ray...

Guest Contributor

I just bought my first Sea Ray this Fall.  I moved it from Georgia to Lake of the Ozarks where we have a place.  I was wondering if anyone has ever installed a stainless safety rail on a 290 SLX?   My old boat had one, and I routinely have little kids riding up front that like to have something to hold onto.  Or if not on the 290slx,  has anyone had any experience with a good fabricator at LOTO?  Excited to be a Sea Ray owner and can't wait for the weather to turn so we can get her out on the water!


Guest Contributor
An idea would be to check with MarineMax LOZ, if they don't do that kind of work, they can point you in the right direction.
Also, if your new to this lake, hang on tight to the kids, it gets brought out there on the weekends. Finally, the 290SLX is a great boat! Enjoy!!

Guest Contributor
I’m not sure of the answer to your question but I am a member of a Lake Ozark Facebook page that has a good bunch of members. If you face book email me your information and I’ll add you to the group and they should be able to answer your question. If you’d rather have me do it let me know. [email protected]