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Hi all, We got to spend 3 days...

Guest Contributor

Hi all, We got to spend 3 days on our new to us 1990 310 Sundancer this past weekend.  We even took her out yesterday and spent a couple hours just chillin on the water. 

I did discover a new problem that needs immediate attention though  After giving her a bath on to remove all the winter scum off the bow on Sunday I noticed a damp area on the headliner surrounding the large hatch in the V-berth.  I was figuring it need to be re-sealed since somebody added a bead of sealant on the outside so I'm just moving it up on the list.  My question is do I need to remove the screws on both the inside and outside to remove the hatch or just the ones on the outside?  Also what sealant is recommended to re-seal the hatch?  I have a west marine 2 miles from the boat so I will most likely be going there for what ever I need. 


Today is supposed to be 97 degrees and with my Bimini at the canvas shop I have no shade so I probably will not be at the boat today, but tomorrow's weather is looking way better for this type stuff.  any advice is greatly appreciated.  Have a great week.


Guest Contributor
On my 05 Amberjack 270 I noticed the same issue, shortly after getting it. It turned out the hatch was fine. The latch had loosened and was allowing water to come in. There's a rubber washer under the screw. Tightened it down and problem was solved. I'd check that before removing the entire hatch and re-sealing it.