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Koehler 5EKD Loss of Coolant ErrorI’ve...

Guest Contributor

Koehler 5EKD Loss of Coolant Error

I’ve been chasing this error for a couple of weeks. Luckily I don’t need generator often, but when I did it wouldn’t stay running due to error. The error is caused by one of 2 sensors. One is flow (white pvc with 2 red wires) and the other is pressure sensor on back of unit bottom side near heat exchanger. My impeller was near new and I was getting good flow out of exhaust but still keep getting error. Once in awhile I could tap pressure sensor with screw driver handle and it would run. But if you tried to restart, it would go to loss of coolant. I pulled flow sensor (unscrews and pulls out pretty easily). That switch tested good. I order new pressure sensor thinking that was it. When I pulled it out the sensor opening was full of junk, but I put new one in anyway. Still couldn’t keep it running unless I disconnected pressure sensor. Thought new one was bad so swapped back to old. Same problem. After thinking about it I realized the pressure sensor sits on bottom and maybe that channel had junk in it and it did. Cleaned it out with a piece of wire, started generator without it for a few seconds to flush it out. Put back together and all good now. All that to say I skipped the obvious and could have saved some time and grief had I cleaned that port out first. Hopefully this will help someone. Happy Labor Day weekend!